Kasey C. Mueller



Helping you to be your best is KCM’s goal! Noncompliance with current regulations and not having established best practices involves significant financial risk, as well undermining you company’s credibility.
COMPLIANCE :Awareness of employment laws that affect your organization is the first step toward compliance. The number of regulations can be overwhelming, but KCM can help you to remain in compliance in a practical, effective manner.
AUDITS: Human resource audits are an opportunity for KCM to work together with you and review your current HR processes and procedures. Audits allow you to identify changes that can minimize legal and/or regulatory liability, resulting in the peace of mind that you want within your organization.


KCM is equipped to assist you in attracting and hiring the high-performing individuals you need. Finding and hiring the right talent for your organization is one of the most important opportunities you have to move your business in the right direction.

We provide two services to meet your goals:

  1. Recruitment and selection processes – We will work with you to establish systems to fit your organization.
  2. Searches for your key contributor positions – We will conduct all aspects of the search process to help you find employees to fill positions that are important to your organizational success.

As your partner in this process, whether the search is national or local, our emphasis is always on the outcome. We guarantee our work.

Training Services & Coaching Solutions

KCM offers Training and Team Building Programs designed to provide participants with the skills and behaviors required to lead or perform, in the 21st Century. The outcome of all training is Performance Excellence!

KCM also provides one-on-one coaching for executives, managers, supervisors and individual contributors. The process is designed to develop the specific skills and behaviors necessary for high performance today.

Benefits of One-on-One Coaching:

  • Individualized and targeted learning.
  • Comfortable and safe learning environment.
  • Immediate feedback on skills application.
  • Long-term and successful integration of new skills and behaviors.

Salary/Compensation System Design & Management

A well-designed compensation system minimizes over or under payment of salaries, because the true value of jobs is known. KCM provides cost-effective, compensation solutions in such areas as base pay and salary structure development, incentive and bonus plans, and job market pricing.

Performance Management Programs

Performance management is not simply a once a year performance review meeting between a supervisor and employee. KCM can develop and implement a combination of company, department and individual performance programs tailored to your organization’s culture and objectives. These programs include areas such as communication, compensation & recognition, goal setting, performance measurement, coaching and development, documentation, and staffing actions.


KCM offers facilitation services for such processes as:

  • Executive Planning Retreats
  • Focus Groups
  • Business Meetings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Planning Sessions
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Sessions
  • Team Building

Our facilitators are skilled and experienced at maintaining a high performance environment where participation is valued; outcomes are measured; productivity is achieved; and satisfaction is a must.