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Kasey Mueller, President and Founder of KCM

KCM Consulting has provided professional HR Consulting services to growing businesses since 1989. We pride ourselves on providing proactive services and customized materials to fit the culture and needs of your business. We don’t believe in a Rules First HR methodology, our business model is built on creating HR practices that support your business.

Could your growing business benefit from the help of HR experts? KCM Consulting Services provides a full spectrum of HR consulting services catered specifically to your growing business needs, from hiring employees, developing and growing your staff, structuring your organization for strategic delivery, coaching employees for improved performance, training your management team to lead your growing workforce, and facilitating employee performance issues.

Not big enough to need a full time HR person for your business- or do you have an HR person who wears many hats (IT and Finance as well), and could use a little help? KCM Consulting is an ideal solution! We work with business owners, HR staff, and office managers (or anyone in your company who is in charge of delivering HR related services) to ensure compliance with employment regulations and to promote progressive, practical employment policies.

Need help managing your Employment Issues? KCM Consulting can give your business advice and customized materials geared specifically for your employment needs. Whether you have questions regarding hiring employees, or dealing with a tricky termination, a professional HR Consultant from KCM can help.

KCM’s consulting services are affordable for even the smallest budget.  We will work with you to help prioritize you HR issues and develop the most cost efficient solution for your business. Ignoring HR problems won’t make them go away! Protect your company and make sure you are in compliance with State & Federal regulations. KCM Consulting can help you!